Author: Derek Jones

Derek is the founder of Lost and Found Podcast and the Pastor of Mission and Discipleship at Marysville Baptist Church in Fredericton, NB Canada
  • Living On Purpose

    You are one of a kind. Nobody else has exactly the same relational or situational experiences, and while you might have shared your formal learning experiences with others, informal learning results from your unique journey through life. So what is your purpose?

  • The Ministry of Presence

    Just 10 minutes earlier he had learned that his beloved mother was dying of cancer. He was broken. That evening I sat with Jack over multiple cups of coffee - and I listened. At times I would reach out and put my hand on his shoulder or his arm. But mostly I was just - well - there!

  • 002 – One8Tea

    One8Tea (pronounced 180) was born with music flowing in his heart. His grandmother toured Nova Scotia singing A cappella gospel music and his uncle Michael was an award artist who […]

  • Covid-19 Banner Graphic

    From Headlines to Hope

    The headlines today are ominous: Senators Player is First NHLer To Test Positive for Coronavirus; How the Pandemic is Highlighting Canada’s Class Divide; BC Declares Public Health Emergency; Public Pensions […]

  • Corona Virus chart

    How Should Christians Respond to Coronavirus?

    Are you, like me, finding that a few of the posts on social media regarding COVID-19 are not helpful? I have read a few posts who have foolishly declared “spiritual” […]

  • Drywall on Podcast Studio is Complete!

    Just a quick update for today: our podcast studio walls are now covered in some beautiful new drywall. We’re really getting close to getting the first phase of this space […]