003 – Jeff Christopherson

There are moments in our lives that just change us.  One of those moments for me (Derek, the creator of Lost and Found Podcast) was in 2006 when I listened to Jeff Christopherson present something he called Kingdom Matrix at a conference in Keller, Tx.  Perhaps Jeff being a fellow Canuck played into it, but Jeff, as only he can do, gave pictures and graphics and language to a conversation I suspected God was having with his church.  The status quo was not working.  As Jeff says, we need a new kind of church led my a new kind of leader or missionary and a new level of collaboration among churches for mission.  Since that fateful day in 2006 my thinking on missional engagement has been forever changed.

Jeff is writes a blog, Missio Mondays for Christianity Today, and has authored three books: Kingdom Matrix, Kingdom First and Venal Dogmatta.   An expanded edition of Kingdom Matrix is now available with a study guide by Mac Lake.  You can order these books from Amazon by clicking on highlighted the links.

Our Guest: Jeff Christopherson
The most significant thing to know about Jeff is not what he does, but who he is.  Jeff Christopherson is a man of substance and character.  Devoted Jesus follower, faithful husband and dad, loving son, loyal friend are descriptions of who Jeff is.  He is a brilliant missiologist who, in his thinking, serves out of his weakness in God’s strength.  You can learn more about this week’s guest and follow him on social media by clicking on any of the following live links:  FacebookTwitter Instagram and LinkedIn

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