011 Rebecca K Tan – He Said He Is a Christian

Our guest in this episode is a survivor.  She is a vibrant young woman who makes her faith in Jesus the priority of her life.  She is the author of a book that I will recommend during this episode.  Yet, in her college years she was drawn into an abusive relationship with a young man who said he was a Christian.  In today’s episode Rebecca K.  Tan tells her story of deception, abuse, deliverance and healing.   So pull up a chair and sit with me for a bit as we explore issues around abusive relationships and how we ought to respond to those who are the victims and the perpetrators of abuse.

I (Derek) first became aware of Rebecca Tan through an instagram post that caught my eye.  She was releasing her first book, He Said He Is a Christian, and I decided to follow her.  I was so intrigued with her posts quoting her book that I ordered the book myself.  As her story unfolded I knew I had to pursue Rebecca to be a guest on Lost and Found.  I have never met today’s guest in person.  I do know that while she is a survivor, the healing process is just that – a process, and she is till working through the issues.  She still fears that her abuser will seek her out.  As a result, she writes under a pseudonym, a pen name.  Rebecca K. Tan is not her actual name.  And any other names mentioned in today’s episode are not actual names either.  We have disguised Rebecca’s voice to protect her identity.

This is an episode you must listen to.

Recommended Resources

Rebecca has written a wonderful book about her journey through and from abuse in a dating relationship.  We highly recommend her book to you.  

  1. He Said He is a Christian – Rebecca K Tan
    Available only in Canada   – click here

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